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Digital Video Recorders

What is the Difference?

Digital Video Recorders

Digital video recorders, commonly referred to as DVR's offer a means of recording video from cctv cameras. With the ability to record long periods of time and search back over previously recorded video to find out exactly what happened. Many recorders have extra features of being able to control ptz cameras and to view from a local computer screen as well as from a web page on the internet.

Network Video Recorders

Network video recorders, commonly referred to as NVR's offer a means of recording via a network or IP configuration. This allows for an easy setup over an existing computer network and in some cases even remotely from different places around the world. Being able to work on a standard computer network can mean that installation is much easier by being able to just plug into a network connection and enter the cameras ip address.

Hybrid Recorders

Hybrid video recorders, commonly referred to as nDVR's are built on a standard PC DVR. Yet, Hybrid video recorders provide compatibility for both a network ip and cctv camera components.

Life Time Technical Support

All of our DVR's and NVR's come with our lifetime support guarantee. Anytime assistance is needed, we are just a call or click away.

Why Buy From Us

We have one of the highest levels of experience in the industry in building and customizing pc based DVRs.

DVR Storage Calcuator

This calculator estimates the number of day's a dvr security system will store with various storage/compression configurations.
DVR Storage Calculator



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