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Keywest MediaXtreme Character Generator


Video messaging will never be the same thanks to MediaXtreme--the affordable multimedia messaging system with output that looks six-figure. By combining the power of dedicated hardware, the Internet, and our innovative MediaCreator software, you can now easily combine or multi-zone text, graphics, crawls, audio, and data from one single place! The base unit is built around an extremely powerful, intuitive, broadcast CG (MediaCreator). MediaCreator gives you the power to design and build high-end presentations and schedule them to play days, weeks, months, or even years in advance. Need more? MediaXtreme carries a plethora of options--customize it to your unique needs.

MediaXtreme -- Making Information TV a simple and beautiful art form by factor X.


  • Public access TV
  • Educational and campus access TV
  • Government access TV
  • Commercial or private cable systems
  • Corporate communications
  • Kiosk
  • POP video displays
  • Electronic Billboards
  • Retail video signage


Quality Effects
MediaXtreme hardware digitally processes graphics as well as your live program video. MediaCreator software handles all fonts, graphics and effects in high-resolution and 32-bit true-color, resulting in TV quality playback. MediaXtreme seamlessly integrates video picture-in-picture, video keying, data import, crawls, logos, fonts, and graphics to produce the look and feel of an entire TV network. Who says there’s not a wizard in Oz!

Real Time Scheduling
MediaXtreme is a 24/7 player--your programming schedule updates are received by the unit without interrupting your broadcast—your viewers never know what’s going on in the background, they just keep watching. You may change any aspect of the current schedule, data, fonts, graphics or pages while the unit is “on air”. This is called “off line” editing, and it gives you the power to update anytime, anywhere. Simply log into the MediaXtreme player with your connection of choice (Serial, Modem, or Ethernet (recommended)).

Smooth Crawls
MediaXtreme produces silky smooth crawls -- unlike typical digital signage equipment, our dedicated hardware produces crawls that are as good as any on network TV.

Easy to Use
Another major advantage of MediaXtreme is the sophisticated software that drives it. We call our content design software MediaCreator. MediaCreator is the brainchild of those who know CG’s best, video editors. With a simple yet elegant layout, we can teach an adult to use this program in one 8-hour class, which is available to all users. (Just think how fast we could teach your child!) Even though most users will immediately master MediaCreator, others can choose to learn at our facility or on-site.

Backgrounds Galore!
MediaCreator is sophisticated enough to not really care where your background graphics come from. Of course to prime the pump, we provide 600 Digital Juice™ photos, textures, and designs. You may import any of your own pictures from scanners, cameras, capture cards, photo providers, the web etc. Even more, you can save any PowerPoint™ file to a JPEG or BMP and directly bring them into MediaCreator.

Multimedia Ready
Right out of the box, MediaXtreme is audio playback capable and soon will feature MPEG-1, 2, 3 (yes 3!) and 4 capabilities. If you wish to add additional media, many options are available to harness the power of convergence giving you various ways to integrate video and data with beautiful CG graphics and broadcast style fonts. You might think of it as your “TV network in a box.”

Rapid Response Support and Warranty
In keeping with the tradition of saving the best for last, the ultimate advantage to MediaXtreme is actually the team support and the warranty. All users have MediaXtreme.tv as the catalyst for support. Users will easily find all of our support information available for viewing and downloading including a Users Guide. A user Q & A is being built from your common questions so everybody benefits. Support also includes tech questions that will be answered usually within 24 hours. We have 800 numbers for technical help and troubleshooting. If you get tired of talking to us, we’ve developed the Forum so you can chat, discuss tech issues, share creative ideas, and brag about your MediaXtreme applications with other MediaXtreme users.

MediaXtreme comes with a two-year parts/labor warranty, which may be extended up to 5 years. The best part of the warranty is our RapidResponse support. With RapidResponse, your repair will never take longer than 48 hours for most items (48-hours does not include transit time, and it can be affected by out-of-stock parts and other unforeseen circumstance—we will let you know immediately of any issues). Even out of warranty, RapidResponse is available for a set fee.




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