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Why buy a DVR from us?


Why us?

We started with a singular goal in mind: to bring to market the most reliable and dependable PC based DVRs possible. With unique expertise in design and engineering, with distinctive styling, features and branding, and top notch hardware and software, RSC Broadband Supply Co. was well on its way to making its mark in a growing market segment when we started to build and sell the first PC based DVRs in 2003. Using anonymous purchasing techniques, we tested systems from Tier 1 companies selling similar equipment, and shed a light on an industry that lacked severely in customer service and follow up support. Unlike others, we proved time and time again to be up to the task. Even when issues arose, we were able to step up to the plate and show what separates the winners from the losers: customer service. We build purebred, PC based systems for the mainstream and high-end surveillance needs, covering any scenarios and applications. We do it all here in the USA. We support our customers in-house, not from thousands of miles away in a foreign country. We use the most advanced technologies for our PC based systems and we have one of the highest levels of experience in the industry in building and customizing PC based DVRs. Our reputation to never falter no matter the stakes has been the foundation of our success from the very beginning. We have the history to show that we will continue to carry on this legacy that keeps our current customers coming back and keeps surprising new customers. We are passionately shaping the future of the PC based DVRs, and as a player in the surveillance industry we feel inspired to continue in our tradition of excellence by developing high-quality products with groundbreaking technologies. We will continue doing what we do with all the passion we had when we started. That's a promise.


Outstanding Partners

We continuously pursue strong industry partnerships with strategic technology providers such as Intel or Microsoft, just to name a few. A company family like ours is honored to be a partner with the top names in hardware and software and we are privileged to receive new technology months before it's released, allowing us time to test and even develop solutions and make recommendations regarding any particular component. As a trusted brand holder for our partners, this means that when something is released, whether it's a CPU, GPU, Chipset Platform, Storage solution, etc…, you can be guaranteed that it'll be in our systems on the first day. That is fast technology availability by anyone's standards.

We are thorough in our methods and our procedures. We take time to ensure that the right components work in every scenario with all other possible components. This gives you the customer the peace of mind that anything you need will work flawlessly, because we've made sure it will. If there isn't an item on our website that you were looking for, there is usually a reason for it. Most times it's because the component has a history of incompatibility or it is simply unnecessary and we have proven it to be so in our testing.

At RSC Broadband Supply Co. we feel that the customer should always get what they need and deserve: the best customer experience there is in the industry today. We offer the most personal and enjoyable technology experience in the business. Our skilled and devoted technicians and engineers build each custom DVR as if it was their very own. And that's something we're very proud of. It's the foundation we've built our reputation on. In an industry where anyone can put parts in a system and call it a DVR, we prove that ownership satisfaction is much more than the sum of the parts in a surveillance system. We use the best and most compatible components period. If you browse our website and take a look at one of our systems, go configure one for yourself. You'll see there are many options to choose from. Every possible configuration is tried and true, stress tortured to withstand the most rigorous tests. We choose the best in class components to make the purchasing experience as easy as can be. We feel you shouldn't have to have a computer engineering degree in order to configure and choose the right system. We take the guess work out of the buying process.

Lifetime Technical Support with 2 Years Limited Warranty*

Like the pit crew for a racing team, we're there at your side whenever you need us to answer any question, and to know every single detail about your system so you can be back in the race before you blink. Our support staff is like none other in that it is the same team that builds the systems that customers receive every day. No one will have as extensive a knowledge and familiarity with your system nor is anyone better equipped to help you on the journey that is the ownership of the ultimate surveillance system. Our team is trained and periodically tested to ensure the highest quality of service and support, like our systems they are at the top of their game. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians are always here to help you with pre-sale, post-sale and ongoing questions you may have. Did we mentioned that we provide a comprehensive Lifetime Technical Support and 2 Years Limited Warranty for most of our PC based systems?


Our industrial design and innovative features always prove that we're thinking about the person using the system and how we can improve the way they interact with it. From the detailed attention paid in the assembly process, to the final packaging and shipping process, the little touches we add speak a lot about us and the system you have purchased.


We're upfront about shipping times, building turnarounds, component performance, and we never try to upsell you things you don't need. This transparency carries through on down the line to engineers and technicians. If there's a problem with a component and it doesn't seem like it's performing as it should, the process starts over. At times, there will be a customer that doesn't really know what a certain part is for but wants it anyway. We, through our conversation, find out what the system's role will be and we determine what components are necessary to do those things best. If there is a component that seems out of place we will then educate the customer and he/she will then, now knowing, make the right decision to either include a component or not in their configurations. We don't do any arm twisting or up-selling. There are no clever tactics at work here. We simply sell the best components left from our testing and provide exceptional support and advice to our customers. We educate as necessary to highlight the pros and cons of certain component combinations to create a better fit for a customer and their system.

      Below are some of the latest hardware technologies we use in our systems:

Latest Generations of Intel Processors and Technologies

All our systems are using the latest generations of Intel processors: Atom, Pentium Dual Core, Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core i3, Core i5 and/or Core i7 or Xeon. These processors bring the power and multitasking capabilities of multi-core processors to a new level for pc based surveillance systems. This new breed of processors is leveraging the responsiveness of the systems by distributing the usual digital video recorder tasks such as encoding of live recordings, searching and archiving of events, remote streaming from multiple concurrent connections - making these tasks as easy to use as they should have ever been. The cutting-edge Intel processors adds significant performance boost and a better energy efficiency to our platforms.


Hard Disk Drives Engineered For Video Surveillance Recording

We feature the latest Hard Drive types engineered for Surveillance computer systems from Western Digital and Hitachi (now with storage sizes up to 2 TeraBytes per drive) with SATA II/III interfaces operating at up to 6GB/s interface speed at 7200 RPM with up to 64MB of memory buffer designed specifically for intense Audio Video operations. New technologies, such as perpendicular recording technology and advanced format (on 500GB or bigger hard drives), NCQ and low power consumption are some of the features used in RAID based systems with Multi-Terabyte configurations customized for your needs. The SATA II/III specifications increases the bus bandwidth from 1.5Gb/s to 3Gb/s or 6Gb/s. Native Command Queuing is a new specification that enables out-of-order execution of commands for efficient retrieval of data. Hot Plug support allows users to insert and remove hard disk drives without shutting off power to the system. For extreme storage and backup requirements, we can optionally provide external storage thru state of the art NAS units manufactured by QNAP, a world leader in Network Attached Storage devices.

Our fault tolerant DVR systems are using RAID-1 mirrored drives or RAID-5 disks arrays combined with proven RAID technologies from Intel, LSI and Areca, leaders in SATA based RAID controllers. Using RAID-1 data mirroring can provide a comfortable safety level against a hard drive failure by mirroring all data among two hard drives. In addition, RAID-5 offers the fault-tolerant capability of RAID-1 to automatically protect your entire DVR, while also providing faster disk access and adding real-time storage expansion capability.

All the hard drives we use in our systems come with an unbeatable 3 year warranty*, providing you with a peace of mind for your investment, for now and for the future.

  Industry's Leading Graphical Processor Units

Our DVRs are powered by graphical processor units from the leaders in the graphic world market such as ATI and Intel. Integrated Intel Graphic Media Accelerators or ATI Radeon based video controllers with up to 512 MB memory using the latest PCI-Express connection interface are the video display components we are using at this moment in our systems.


The Most Advanced Motherboards and Chipsets

All our DVRs are using the latest motherboards manufactured by Foxconn, Giga-Byte or Supermicro featuring the latest Intel G41/P43/P45/P55/X58 chipsets and DDR2/DDR3 Dual or Triple Channel memory. Get a jump in memory performance with the advanced technology of DDR2/DDR3 memory architecture, which delivers superior performance for the most demanding applications.


Internet and Network Enabled with Gigabit LAN Connectivity

Most of our DVRs are equipped with one or two Gigabit Ethernet ports connectivity making them Internet-Ready and Network-enabled out of the box.
The Gigabit network interface delivers a high speed LAN connection with data transfer rate up to 1000Mb/s, providing a new generation of connectivity for the broadband era. Gigabit LAN is ideally for seamless internet connection such as streaming audio and video contents.


CD-R/DVD-R/BR Archiving

All our DVRs are optionally equipped with the fastest >20X DVD-RW Dual Layer to let you back-up as many of your recordings as you need on your favorite DVD media such as DVR+R, DVD-R, DVD-RAM.  Optionally, internal Blu-Ray DVD recorders are also available for increased capacity.


Proven and Most Reliable Power Supplies

For an unprecedented level of protection and stability all our DVRs are equipped with some of the best and most reliable power supplies on the pc market made by Chenbro, Antec and Seasonic. Most of these components have manufacturer lifetime warranty.


High Performance Enclosures

All our DVRs are installed in clean, solid, slick looking enclosures and chassis made by know names in the industry such as Chenbro, Antec and Norco. These state of the art enclosures provide optimal airflow and stability for 24 hours workload conditions for our systems assuring an extended life span of your investment.


Designed for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

And last but not least, all our DVRs are now powered by Microsoft Windows 7, the most recent industry standard operating system for the surveillance market, although we still support Windows XP and Vista as legacy operating systems.

  • Hard Drives warranty covered only for 1 year from date of purchase, up to 3 years warranty provided by manufacturer thru direct exchange only.
  • The specifications and pictures are subject to change without notice.
  • All trademarks and logos are the properties of their respective owners.
  • Due to standard PC architecture, a certain amount of memory is reserved for system usage and therefore the actual memory and storage size is less than the stated amount.
  • For details regarding warranty, check our site and the included documentation for your specific system.


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