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Q24M In/Outdoor weatherproof 3 Mega Mobotix Hemispheric Camera

360 Degrees View at All Times Q24M In/Outdoor weatherproof 3 Megapixel Mobotix Hemispheric Black & White Camera


Product Details

Amazing how one camera can see 360 degrees at all times and allows you to pan tilt zoom after video has already been recorded.
  • L11 Hemispheric 11mm All Around View
  • 3MEGA, 2048x1536, CMOS-Sensor Sensitivity
  • 1 lux (t = 1/60 sex), 0.05 lux (t= 1/1 sec)
  • MicroSD-Slot 32 GB Capacity
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Live Demo


HiRes Video Innovations

The German company MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology and its decentralized concept has made high-resolution video systems cost efficient.

The Hemispheric Camera

The primary components of the hemispheric camera include a fisheye lens, a high-resolution image sensor and image correction software that is integrated into the camera. Using an ultra-wide angle fisheye lens, the camera captures a 180 Degrees hemispheric image of the room and projects it onto a high-resolution image sensor.

Hemispheric technology

When ceiling mounted, the image area of the hemispheric camera covers the entire room. The image in the hemisphere is convex, particularly near the image borders. These image sections are corrected for the viewer by the integrated distortion correction software, allowing a view of the scene from the usual perspective. The virtual PTZ feature allows you to enlarge or move image sections within the hemisphere, just like a PTZ camera yet, with MOBOTIX, this is achieved with no moving parts.

Handle Several Image Sections At Once

One or more image sections can be corrected for perspective in the hemispheric view, allowing you to monitor and record several different areas of a room at the same time, something that a mechanical PTZ camera is not capable of doing.

Discreet And Low Maintenance
Q24M in the In-Ceiling Set Hemispheric cameras are extremely discreet because they manage their task with only one lens, which is generally focused on the entire room and not a specific object. MOBOTIX hemispheric cameras are without mechanical moving parts and require low maintenance. In addition, they are silent when panning and focusing on a specific image area.
Less Cameras Thanks To Panoramic Views

The perspective of the hemispheric image can also be transformed into an ultra-wide angle panoramic view spanning 180° if the camera is mounted on a wall, providing a wall-to-wall view of the room without any blind spots. It offers a substantially better view of the scene, compared to other cameras, it also results in the need for fewer cameras overall. When ceiling mounted, one camera can also capture an entire room by two opposite panoramic views.

Less cameras thanks to panoramic views Original Q24M image: Wall-mounted at a height of 2.3 m in a bank

Original Q24M image: Wall mounted at a height of 2.3 m

Keeping Objects In View At All Times
Using solutions featuring several individual cameras, moving objects will normally jump from one viewing area of a camera to another. This often produces a confusing situation for the viewer because objects may disappear from sight for a moment or even appear twice if the viewing areas overlap. This is not the case with hemispheric panoramic cameras. Objects remain in view at all times and the viewer can always keep good track of objects in the scene. Hemispheric room coverage for a wall mounting - one Q24M replaces 4 standard cameras

Hemispheric room coverage for a wall mounting – one Q24M replaces four standard cameras

Everything Stored In The Recording

MicroSD card

In contrast to a normal PTZ camera, which is always focused on one section of a room and only records that section, the virtual PTZ also allows you to pan to other areas at a later stage in the recording as the entire room can be recorded as a hemispheric image.
Resolution: 3MEGA, 2048x1536, 1 lux (t = 1/60 sec) / 0,05 lux (t = 1/1 sec), Image formats: Free image format selection (up to 2048x1536); with L11: PTZ view, Quad view, panorama broad view image, double panorama view, panorama focus with 3 views
Zoom Digital zoom variable up to 8x, camera software integrated panning/tilting
Lenses: L11 Hemispheric 11 mm (360H x 180V; in 10m: 20,0m x 13,3 m) for hemispheric allround view, L22 super wide-angle 22 mm (90H x 67V; in 10m: 20,0m x 13,3 m)
Max. Frame Rate: 20 fps 3MEGA
30 fps Mega
30 fps VGA
30 fps TV-PAL
30 fps CIF
Interfaces: 10/100 Ethernet
Sensors: Video motion detection, illumination
Features: High frame rates even in HiRes-180-panoramic view, panorama correction, waterproof connections to the camera, adjustable PoE classes (1 to 3), full image recording at live PTZ, echo suppression during hands-free operation, Web server, FTP client, e-Mail, Multiview, recorder/player, softbuttons; IP Notify (send, receive) for external management systems, integrated VoIP from/to browser, SIP video telephony and alarm messaging, IP announcement, PDA web pages, MxPEG Live, logo generator, snapshot recording (10 pre-, 10 post-alarm images), video audio recording (30 fps VGA), video audio recording (events), video audio recording (scheduled); event- and time-controlled storage: internal, via FTP on web server or PC on the LAN (Windows/Linux NFS/Mac), Secure Model Extras: scheduled privacy zones, fl exible event logic, Master/Slave arming.
Video Ring Buffer: 64 MB internal image/event storage (approx. 4.000 images 320x240, high quality);
Internal DVR: MicroSD-Slot (camera internal recording up to 32 GB, capacity approx. 1,200,000 images at VGA resolution or 400,000 images in Megapixel resolution or 300,000 images in 3MEGA resolution, good quality)
Optional Accessories: MOBOTIX PoE injector (MX-NPA-PoE-Set)
Power is only supplied using PoE (IEEE 802.3af)
Dimensions: Diameter: 160 mm, height: 50 mm
Standard Delivery: Housing made of fi berglass-reinforced composites (PBT), white metallic, lens protection (transparent polycarbonate), manual, patch cable S/FTP 8-wire 50 cm, 4 GB MicroSD card.
Certificates: EMC (EN50121-4, EN55022, EN55024, EN61000-6-2, FCC part15B, AS/NZS3798)
Warranty: 24 months

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Q24M In/Outdoor weatherproof 3 Mega Mobotix Hemispheric Camera


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